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Internet Insecurity: Virtual Private Networks

Frank J. Cavaliere, Esq., is University Professor of Business Law and former Chair of the Department of Administrative Services in the College of Business at Lamar University, in Beaumont, Texas. His email address is, and his website is The Web-Wise Lawyer is a column featured in ALI-CLE’s The Practical Lawyer For quite some…

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Expensive Lattes and Strip Club Meetings: Courts Starting to Rein in Unreasonable Attorney Fees

The scrutiny with which district courts are looking at attorney fee awards under federal statutes might be intensifying, according to Sterling Analytics, a New York-based legal bill auditing firm. U.S. district courts across the country have found the following attorney fee awards to be unreasonable or excessive: –reimbursement for postage, binder tabs, and parking —…

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Rainmaking, Part One: Optimism

In my recent post, I explored the common trait of skepticism among lawyers. And while I argue that skepticism makes a lawyer good at representing her clients’ interests, I now understand that optimism makes a lawyer good at developing clients in the first place. In “Rainmaking: What It Really Takes To Be a Strong Business…

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