Audit-free Breakfasts for $8,000 and Other Quirks of Crowdfunding

Courtney Dillard and Matthew Webber didn’t have the traditional honeymoon funded by themselves or by a wealthy relative. Instead, they raised over $8,000 from over 140 individuals via Kickstarter to pay for their 5-month road trip around the country as newlyweds. Amazed (or incensed?) that they were able to convince so many people to pay…

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Learn the Proper Techniques of License Agreement Drafting

If you watch the show “Shark Tank” on NBC, you may be familiar with licensing agreements. These are contracts between someone who has intellectual property(intangible property that someone created, such as literary works, music, designs, art, etc.) and another entity who wishes to use that property. The agreement lets the intellectual property rights holder (the…

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Same-Sex Marriage, Taxes, & Estate Planning Opportunities

The Windsor case, decided by the Supreme Court on June 26, 2013, has great social and emotional significance today. In fact, the monumental social impacts of the case–in a way–have overshadowed the positive, long-term financial benefits to which same-sex couples now have access. As a result, some of these couples have overlooked their financial windfalls…

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