Coping with COVID: Administering Jury Trials, Mediations, and Complex Litigation

Jun 17, 2020 | Podcast Series - Coping with COVID

ALI Podcast series - Coping with COVID - presents - Trial Courts
ALI Podcast series – Coping with COVID – presents – Trial Courts

As we saw in the first episode of Season 2, our state and federal courts have adapted much of their work to digital platforms. But some procedures or litigation events do not easily or obviously translate to digital. In this episode, judges and court administrators reveal how procedures and processes that traditionally rely heavily on in-person interactions, such as jury trials or mediations, can be modified to accommodate social distancing. The panel also explores how complex litigation, including multidistrict litigation (MDL), is coping with COVID. 

Reasonably Speaking features interviews with legal experts on some of the most important legal topics of our time. This podcast is part of an ongoing series, Coping with COVID. Each episode takes you through the law in action, beyond courtrooms and casebooks. To view the full selection of American Law Institute’s podcast series, click here.