Legal Issues in Museum Administration 2024

Apr 17, 2024 | ALI CLE, Entertainment, Arts, Sports, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Museums, Nonprofit Organizations

Legal Issues in Museum Administration 2024 – the go-to annual conference for museum professionals and counsel – is taking place in Cleveland, OH, on May 1-3, 2024, in person or via live webcast.

Learn more about our upcoming premium program: Legal Issues in Museum Administration 2024 | May 1-3, 2024 | Cleveland and Live Video Webcast

Legal Issues in Museum Administration 2024 provides focused guidance on the institutional opportunities and legal issues facing museums today.

This year’s program conference will focus on how museums can best manage risks and identify opportunities in a rapidly changing landscape. As always, we will provide timely updates on ever-present legal issues, from key litigation to assessing developments in copyright and trademark, tax and employment law. 

Join our panels for an exploration of these evolving issues and more:

  • Opportunities and challenges with AI and other new technologies
  • The impacts of climate deterioration and sustainability initiatives
  • Changing donor expectations
  • Financing pitfalls and how to manage them: Credit lines, collateral complications, audits, oversight committees, and more!
  • The risks and benefits of ADR and litigation, incl. subpoenas; demand letters; complaints; and litigation hold best practices
  • Music in museums: Music to your ears or a legal liability?

This year’s program also features two amazing receptions: the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Wednesday evening, and the Cleveland Museum of Art on Thursday evening.

Join us for the signature annual event for museum counsel and professionals and enhance your work in the coming year with new resources, business connections, and invaluable insights.

Join us for our upcoming program, Legal Issues in Museum Administration 2024, either in person or via live webcast on May 1-3, 2024! To learn more about this program and to register for the in-person course or live webcast, click here.