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Even if you aren’t familiar with the setup, you know this is a joke. Marketing and sales can barely stand to be in the same conference room on some days. No way they’re going to drop into a happy hour together. Even if it’s via Zoom.

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Here’s the punchline: While marketing and sales squabble over resources, debate who should be held responsible and who should get credit, the leverage and growth to be gained in alignment is lost.

And that’s no joke.

Memories of a garage start-up

If you haven’t an aspirational bone in your body, you’ve been inspired by at least one story of an entrepreneur who, sequestered (voluntarily) in a garage with little more than duct tape and tenacity, gave birth to a thriving business.

You might have been in one of those garages. Or it might have been in a corner of the attic. Or at the kitchen table.

Wherever the work was done, the start-up success stories I know of have one thing in common: lines between departments rarely exist. One day the spare bedroom was the CFO’s office. The next it belonged to the IT guru. (Same person…just a different hat.)

And everyone was in marketing and sales.

The Practical Lawyer

The Practical Lawyer

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