Apr 5, 2021 | The Practical Lawyer

My name is Jaimie Field and I am a chronic procrastinator.

Procrastination Is Not Really About You - Jaimie Field - article presented by ALI CLE

I thought that would feel better getting that out in writing, but honestly, it doesn’t because I am not sure when this procrastination habit began. And make no mistake, procrastination is both a habit, and according to Mel Robbins, the author of The 5 Second Rule, “a form of stress relief.”

When I was younger, I was one of those people in school you always loved to hate. In junior high and early in high school, I was the one who had the work done the day it was assigned; I was the one with my hand in the air always prepared. But somewhere along the way in my sophomore and junior year of high school something shifted and I began to procrastinate. Sure, I was still able to get high marks and get the work done, but it was always at the last minute.

This continued throughout law school and still to this day, I procrastinate a little too much.

Don’t get me wrong. I get things completed on time but I know that if I didn’t wait until the last minute it could be so much better.

For example, this article is based on something I wrote for my newsletter. I wrote it three hours before I sent it out to my newsletter subscribers. If I had begun writing it a day earlier, it might have been about a different subject altogether. But, this is what came to mind when I was beating myself up for not starting it earlier.

The Practical Lawyer

The Practical Lawyer

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