The Balanced Lawyer

Apr 5, 2021 | The Practical Lawyer

As an ambitious attorney, you’re likely faced with difficult, complex challenges almost daily. When issues snowball into frustrating problems, your stress level is likely to increase, and your professional satisfaction is likely to decrease. Below are three tactics to help you better manage situations.

The Balanced Lawyer - By Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC - hosted by ALI CLE

Shift your focus

Sometimes, when a situation you encounter doesn’t seem to be solvable, and you are at loggerheads, the most appropriate step might be to forsake the issue for a while, and to focus on something completely different.

For instance, it might be better for you to abandon what you’ve been doing, and seek to help someone else. Perhaps one of your associates needs help solving a different problem. By delving into that problem, you give yourself the type of break that you cannot otherwise experience when you’re entrenched in your own “stuff.” Your mind works in mysterious ways. It’s working for you even when you’re not conscious of it. This is why you get great ideas while shaving or putting on makeup, in the shower, or sometimes while resting in the hammock in the backyard.

Helping somebody else within your firm offers the side benefit of having others see you in a more positive light. After all, in the midst of your troubles, you’re able to turn your attention to someone else. As a by-product of helping others, sometimes you experience the “eureka effect,” the solution to your problem jumps out at you when you seemingly weren’t attempting to find a solution.

The Practical Lawyer

The Practical Lawyer

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